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Equipment List And Capacity
>> Lifting
>> Machining
>> Pressing & Rolling
>> Welding

>> Drilling
>> Others



1. Pressure Vessel : High & Low Poessurs Versess Various Pressure Vessels for Petrochemical, Oil Refinery plants etc.,

2. Industrial Equipment :  Heat Exchanger, Reactor, Tower, Mixer, Conveyor

3. Steel Structure Works : Machinery Support, Staging, Buildings, Bridges

4. Other Machines & Handling Equipment Installation Work for Petrochemical Factory

5. Cement Plant : Rotary Kiln, Preheater Tower, EP.

6. Telecommunication Towers.

7. LPG-Cylnders.


Design, Manufacturing, Installation & Site Erection of the following items.

     Pressure Vessel     Cylindrical / Spherical Tank
     Storage Tank / Silo     Conveyer
     Flare / Smoke Stack     Piping Line / Process Piping
     Tube & Plate Heat Exchanger     Steel Structure
     Boiler Equipment & Parts     Head / End Plate
     Telecommunication Towers     Cylnders
     Road Transport Bowsers     Water Treatment Plants
    Equipment Repair & Upgrade     Rotary Kiln
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